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22.07.2021 - 01.09.2021

About the Class - Year 5

We work hard and have fun, always trying our best and helping each other learn. Mr Mitchell is the class teacher and Mrs Roberts, Mrs Newman and Mrs Millard are our teaching assistants and they support us in all that we do.

In Maths we always learn new techniques which we use to improve our work, as well as going over things we've already learnt but making them harder so we are confident and get better. It's ok to get things wrong though – that's part of our growth mindset learning!

We  enjoy studying some really exciting topics, we have recently studied Conflict throughout time and enjoyed a visit to the WW1 trenches at RAF Halton and experienced a day as an Evacuee at Holdenby House.

We are very excited about our next topic; Space. We will be finding out about the Universe and will visit the National Space Museum.

We are very lucky in Year 5 to all have the opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument. All children play either a cornet or trombone with our amazing brass teacher Mr Humphries. 


Designated Persons for Child Protection are the Headteachers, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum and Mr David May

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill